The game-changing jumpsuit

I’ve sort of stayed away from the jumpsuit/culottes trend so far. I thought it looked great on all the fashion editorial spreads, but wasn’t quite sure how they would work on me, given I’m rather on the short side. However I saw this beauty of a jumpsuit on Asos a few weeks ago and decided […]


Those Summer days

Another outfit from our French getaway, this neon dress from Zara is a favourite. I bought it around two years ago I think, and it just always reminds of holidays as I only ever wear it when I have a tan – neon just doesn’t look as nice on pale skin in my opinion. Now […]


Laid-back holiday style

When it comes to dressing for work, I usually make an effort to be smart – not because there is a particular dress code in the office, just because I like it and also it’s nice to be dressy when going out for press days, meetings and the likes. So when I go on holiday, […]