Stripes and pom poms

Every now and again, something comes along that makes you feel happy and mischievous, almost like you’re a child again. For me, that something is these ASOS pom pom shoes. There’s something about the way those little pom poms jump about as I walk, so much so I have been tempted to skip in the street (don’t judge me).


I teamed them with a striped jumper I stole from the other half, and with my second favourite clothing item of the season, a pair of denim culottes. Culottes are one of those items I sort of rebelled against at first, because I just thought they’d look weird on me and that they wouldn’t work with anything I already owned. Turns out I was wrong. They’re super versatile and a great length for mid-season when it’s not hot enough to wear shorts but not cold enough to wear full-length jeans. That said, I can imagine wearing these in Winter with some nice 70s style slim boots, so watch this space!


This little gold bag is by one of my favourite designers, Kate Spade, and was a lovely surprise from my other half after a trip to America, to celebrate my new job. I like to imagine I’m a fancy New Yorker when I wear it! One can always dream, eh?


Get the look:

H&M men’s striped jumper, similar here
Denim culottes, now £15, River Island
Say You Will pointed heels (also available in pink), £40, ASOS
Cedar street cami bag, £133, Kate Spade