Those Summer days

Another outfit from our French getaway, this neon dress from Zara is a favourite. I bought it around two years ago I think, and it just always reminds of holidays as I only ever wear it when I have a tan – neon just doesn’t look as nice on pale skin in my opinion. Now […]


Peach trousers and movie clutch

This is going to sound very British of me, but this stupid weather means I never know what to wear. I’m either too cold or too hot and I just wish the weather would make its mind up. Anyone have the same issue? At the moment trousers and long-sleeved tops seem to be a safe bet though, […]


Lights, camera, action!

Sometimes you have this one special item in your wardrobe that you fit your whole outfit around. Charlotte Olympia’s Take Pandora Perspex movie clapperboard clutch is one of them.


Into the blue

On Monday we visited Haight Street, which is well known for its Indie shops and cool street art, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a bit of colourful posing fun.


River Island SS14

Just take one look at River Island’s bold new Spring/Summer 2014 collection and you’ll be transported straight to a sunny Miami beach.


Outfit: Neon animal print

I’m not going to lie, I love neon. Yes, it can look a little 90s throwback (isn’t that the point?), but, matched with the right clothes and accessories, it can bring your look bang up to date and really make your outfit pop.

metallic camo

Outfit: Metallic Camo

I don’t know about you, but city life for me makes it quite difficult to go home after work to change before going out to meet friends. Seriously, who has the time? So I’ve been trying to perfect the whole boardroom-to-bar look.