Those Summer days

Another outfit from our French getaway, this neon dress from Zara is a favourite. I bought it around two years ago I think, and it just always reminds of holidays as I only ever wear it when I have a tan – neon just doesn’t look as nice on pale skin in my opinion. Now […]


Outfit: jeans ‘n’ heels

I’m loving boyfriend jeans at the moment, they just seem to look effortlessly cool no matter how you wear them. But they look especially nice with a pair of fierce heels that ad a feminine touch, so I thought I’d try this combo. The striped top is from H&M from a gazillion years ago, and […]


Outfit: Neon animal print

I’m not going to lie, I love neon. Yes, it can look a little 90s throwback (isn’t that the point?), but, matched with the right clothes and accessories, it can bring your look bang up to date and really make your outfit pop.